How To Make Flu Busting Gummy Bears


We’ve already shared a lot of recipes and home remedies to keep flu symptoms at bay such as How To Make An Immune Boosting Fire Cider For Cold And Flu, Cold and Flu Remedies to Feel Better Fast, Elderberry: One Powerful Flu Fighting Berry and How To Make Homemade Syrup With Honey for Cold and Flu.

How To Make Flu Busting Gummy Bears

And in this post, we would like to share another flu-fighting recipe from WellnessMama to help boost immunity and keep you and your family flu-free this winter.

Packed with immune boost from elderberry syrup, these flu busting gummy bears will really help kids and adults alike in avoiding and beating the flu. And you can easily make this at home in just 10 minutes of preparation.

To find out how to make them for yourself, visit here…

How To Make Flu Busting Gummy Bears

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