How to Make Garlic and Olive Oil for Earaches


garlic and olive oil for earaches

What will you do if you see your child holding both of his ears and crying in pain in the middle of the night? As a parent, it’s more painful to see your child experiencing earaches. You have to console and find ways to ease his pain, even if it means you and your whole family will get sleepless night.

But what if you have no medicine for earaches in your emergency kit? Your option is to find a natural remedy. And one of the best natural home remedy for earaches is the use of garlic oil.

I’ve found a good recipe on how to make garlic and olive oil for earaches from HealthfulMama. Gretchen, the beautiful lady behind the blog, shares that she used this in treating her son’s earaches. The garlic and olive oil works wonder because it has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s good at relieving ear pain. Though, this would only be a perfect first aid remedy. You still need to bring your child to an ENT specialist to find out what causes the earaches and to get prescription on how to effectively get rid of it.

To find out hose to easily make garlic and olive oil for earaches, check out the full tutorial here…

How to Make Garlic Oil for Earaches

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