How to Make Herb Infused Vinegars

Have you tried making herb infused vinegars at home? Well if not, you can try to follow MyOwnLabels Homemade Herb Infused Vinegars tutorial.

making herb infused vinegars

Herbal infused vinegars is another way to preserve the bounty of your herb garden. You can used the vinegar for a lot of food preparations in your kitchen such as salad dressing and bread dip. And the good thing of this is you can also make this as an attractive gifts for foodie friends.

As Stephanie Rose says, you can pack really any herb that you want into the infusion. Some of the combinations this gardener from Vancouver, BC, Canada love to do are Parsley, Rosemary & Sage; Fennel & Citrus; and Tarragon & Garlic.

If you want to make homemade herb infused vinegars at home, please read Stephanie’s full article to learn the exact steps in making herb infused vinegars combination mentioned above.

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How to Make Herbs Infused Vinegars

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