How to Make Herbal Baby Oil Recipe


how to make herbal baby oil recipe

One of the best thing you can do with your kids from 4 years old below is to massage them with baby oil after each bath to keep their skin moist and healthy. But did you knew that you can also make this baby oil more delighting and packs more health benefits by using herbal baby oil.

You don’t necessarily need to buy because you can make herbal baby oil. I’ve found a great tutorial to help you with this new DIY project. You can follow the Herbal Baby Oil Recipe from GreenChildMagazine.

Alia Einstein-Diez, the author of this recipe, shares that she used herbal baby oil to massage his son’s dry sensitive skin. This could also be a good baby oil to soothe skin with eczema. The power-packed ingredients she used include chamomile, calendula flower, comfrey leaf and almond with an option to use apricot kernel oil.

If you own a herbal garden planted with these herbs, you can pick the skin-soothing plants, dry them and infuse them into oil. (Check a recipe on how to make herbal infuse oil) But if you don’t have, you can buy them at your local healthfood store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs Bulk Organic Herbs and Spices Discount Store or at this Amazon page.

To learn the easy guide on how to make herbal baby massage oil at home, check the link below…

How to Make Herbal Baby Oil

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