How to Make Herbal Cold Cure and Cough Syrup


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herbal cold cure

This is the time of the year that many people get colds and experience lingering cough. So, it’s just perfect time to learn how to make herbal cold cure and cough syrup as a natural remedies.

Andrea, the woman behind Frugally Sustainable, shares how to make DIY herbal medicine that could fight and eradicate cold and cough.

Her advice in making the switch to homemade remedies, forethought is key! According to the Registered Nurse turned Frugally Sustainable, there are very few “quick fixes” when it comes to DIY herbal medicine. Therefore, she encourage us to trust her, take it as a journey and learn the lessons one step forward… just like baby steps.

To learn the complete details of the recipe, just click the link below…

How to Make Herbal Cold Cure and Cough Syrup


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