How to Make Herbal Honey Cough Drops


herbal honey cough drops recipe

The flu season is knocking on the finish line. But there are many people still not getting rid off their cough. A lot of people were taking commercial medication, for example medicated candy such as Halls. But the problem is the only active ingredient you can recognize is menthol. The other inactive ingredients are just there for flavoring, color and texture. And none of them are going to boost your immune system.

If you insist on taking candy, why not make your own herbal honey cough drops? I’ve found an extraordinary herbal honey cough drop recipe  from MyHealthyGreenFamily blog. You can easily make this herbal honey candy at home using all natural ingredients that you knew will soothe your throat and cough, and give your body a natural boost in fighting the virus.

To make this recipe, you need to prepare the powerful ingredients that include raw honey, organic ginger root, therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil, echinacea and root tea (optional) and powdered sugar.

To learn the easy, step-by-step directions on making your own herbal honey cough drops, check the link below…

DIY Herbal Honey Cough Drops

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