How to Make Homemade Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste


How to Make Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste

Why make homemade toothpaste when I can easily buy it at my favorite grocery store? What are the benefits of making this DIY thing? These questions might come out from your head. But there are many good reasons you should try it to.

Unlike conventional toothpaste which is full of questionable ingredients, your homemade toothpaste is not. You will know first hand what are your ingredients and its benefits. As Kresha said, all the ingredients for your homemade toothpaste are not only safe to swallow, but actually nourishing and all of them actively promote an amazing health to your mouth, gums and teeth.

Kresha has formulated many variations of her homemade toothpaste that include Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste. For her basic ingredients she uses, calcium carbonate, baking soda, xylitol, extra-virgin coconut oil, cinnamon essential oil and nutmeg essential oil with an option of adding xanthan gum.

And for flavoring of the toothpaste, there are many options you can choose from that include:
· Vanilla Peppermint
· Cherry & Chocolate
· Cherry + almond
· Green Tea & Wintergreen
· Bergamot & Cardamom
· Sweet Orange & Cocoa
· Licorice & Clove
· Juniper & Tea Tree Oil
· Clary Sage & Chamomile

Read Kresha’s full article as she reveals how easily you can make Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste at home.

Check the link below to start it now…

How to Make Homemade Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste

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