How to Make Homemade Herbal Body Wrap Recipe


How to Make Herbal Body Wrap Recipe

Did you enjoy going to spas just to have a herbal body wrap treatments but with a higher price? Would you like to have a savings out of your routine beauty care? Why not try to make your own homemade herbal body wrap?

It’s not difficult as it seems to make your own herbal body wrap at home. I have a good homemade herbal body wrap recipe to share with you that will certainly help you in this process. You can find this herbal body wrap recipe at the FamilyHerbalRemedies blog.

To make this herbal body wrap recipe, you need to prepare green clay, sea salt, alfalfa leaf powder, chamomile flower powder, lemongrass oil, extra virgin olive oil and of course, water.

The end product of this recipe can clean and reduce infection and heals dry skin, soothes aching muscles, soothes your nervous system and helps release nervous tension and decrease headaches, prevent scarring and softens your skin.

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To see how you can easily make this recipe and learn how to use the end product, check out the link below…

How to Make Herbal Body Wrap Recipe

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