How to Make Lavender Chamomile Bath Melts


extraordinary lavender bath melts

While searching for bath melts recipes on the net, I’ve found this Lavender Chamomile Bath Melts very enticing. The picture seems speaking more than a thousand words, a perfect DIY project to do this Love Month.

This natural recipe is one of Rebecca’s favorite bath treats to make her skin super soft and smells divine. This Management & Organisation degree holder from Lancaster University, uses organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, lavender essential oil, dried lavender flowers and organic chamomile tea as ingredients.

What are the uses of this bath melts? The 22-years old, self confessed beauty junkie living in London suggested ways in using these little hearts of goodness. She said that you can use this into a hot bath and watch them melt away in your bath, as a solid massage bars to moisturise the skin such as legs and arms, or as cuticle oils for dry cuticles.

For complete recipe and how to use it, check the tutorial here…

Extraordinary Tutorial to Make Lavender Chamomile Bath Melts

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