How to Make Lavender Oil (Cold Pressed Method)


A well known herb found in the European fields, grows in small shrubs, lavender has been used for generations and can be found in the European region. People still gather this wild herb from the fields, and dry for using at a later stage, and are kept in glass bottles. An herb used for flavoring foods, mostly in French cuisines with a sweet taste, it has a strong aroma and used to keep fish moths at bay, and for attracting bees with the beautiful flowers it bears.

make lavender oil cold pressed method

Essential lavender oil is one of the most used oils and has many benefits.

It helps treat burns by promoting cell activity and regeneration.

It fights bacteria and infection because it has antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

It helps ease tension and reduces stress, improve mood and promotes positive mental effect.

Best Uses for Lavender Oil

Bath oil. It is believed to soothes sore muscles and reduces pain from inflammation.

Pain relief. Lavender’s sedative and anxiety-reducing properties may help with pain management, either by inhaling it or rubbing it on the skin.

Massage oil. Lavender’s soothing aroma makes it an excellent choice for a relaxing massage oil.

Skin cleansing. With its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, it is used in natural remedies for acne, yeast infections, athlete’s foot and eczema.

Scenting personal care products. Lavender oil is a great alternative to artificial fragrances in personal care products that may contain harmful chemicals.

Dryer sheet. Lavender oil aroma will lightly scent the clothes.


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How to Make Lavender Oil (Cold Pressed Method)

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