How to Make Lavender Salve Recipe


How to Make Lavender Salve Recipe

We have already shared many natural home remedies and recipes which include lavender essential oils as basic ingredients for example in the 30 Extraordinary Ways to Cure a Migraine, 4 Extraordinary Natural Antibiotics for your Family First Aid Kit, Easy Tutorial on Making Scented Sprays, Easy Tutorial to Make Homemade Calamine Lotion and Effective Natural Remedies for Insomnia in Adults.

Today, I love to share another recipe which also uses lavender essential oils… the lavender salve recipe from TheNerdeyFarmWife. Aside from lavender essential oil, Jan Berry, the author of this blog, also included olive oil and beeswax pastilles to make this lovely salve for home use or make it as a gift to friends or relatives.

According to Jan, this lavender is very helpful for soothing minor skin irritations and mild burns. This is safe to use for everyone but if in doubt, consult your doctor or medical professional.

To learn how to make this lavender salve and make your own herbal products at home check the link below…

How to Make Lavender Salve Recipe

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