How to Make Medicinal Honey Recipe


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Extraordinary Medicinal Honey Recipe

With the increasing popularity of Manuka honey, it’s not always easy to find supplies and it’s usually pricey. If you cannot find one in your place, you have the choice to buy Manuka honey online at Amazon. Or you have to resort a novel option. Make an alternative using local honey with essential oils.

This is what Rebecca of did. She conceptualized a DIY Manukay Honey, a medicinal honey recipe using local honey and pure essentials oils like Melaleuca, Frankincense and Lavender, as additional ingredients. This might not be equally beneficial as the original Manuka honey from New Zealand but it also packs healthful benefits.

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To learn the simple formula and how you can make your own medicinal honey, click the link below…

DIY Manuka Honey #Local Honey #Essential Oils!

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