How to Make Natural Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair


natural hair mask for frizzy hair

Hair is complex. It’s made up of three layers and thousands of cells. But the reason it gets frizzy is pretty simple. Your hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, looks kind of like a shingled roof, dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD, says. When hair is smooth, those shingles lie flat. But when you run a brush through dry, curly hair, those “shingles” lift.

To compound the problem, stylist Dennis Baker, owner of Atlanta’s Baker Lanier Salon and Day Spa says, frizzy hair is often drier and naturally tends to absorb moisture from humid air.

What will you do to tame frizzy hair? WebWD share this 12 Quick Tips to Keep Hair Frizz-Free:
1. Don’t brush dry hair.
2. Comb dry hair with wet fingers.
3. Tame with a touch of conditioner.
4. Look for protein in your conditioner, dermatologist Jacob suggests.
5. Don’t over-process hair.
6. Put moisture back in your mane.
7. Stop ‘cooking’ your curls.
8. Use a round brush to smooth your hair.
9. Dry only the roots of your hair.
10. Go alcohol-free.
11. Fight afternoon frizz by smoothing hair with a small amount of children’s detangling spray.
12. Talk to your stylist

To compliment on taming your frizzy hair, you can use a hair mask for frizzy curly hair. You don’t need to buy it because you can make it your own. You can follow LightyCrunchy Easy Hair Mask for Frizzy or Curly Hair recipe.

To make the recipe you need to prepare, 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of honey, 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Each of these ingredients has conditioning and moisturizing qualities. The apple cider vinegar also removes hair product residue from hair, works as a natural de-tangler and leaves hair soft and smooth. The end product may not be the best hair mask for frizzy hair but it will work wonders.

Mix together in a glass jar or container that can be heated. Warm in a hot water bath or place in the microwave for a few seconds until the oil and honey are warmed and runny. Apply to dry hair, cover with an old towel or shower cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing hair.

Please read LightlyCrunchy’s full article to discover more about this natural hair mask for frizzy hair and how to use it for effective result. To get into the post, check the link below…


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  1. thank you so much for the tips, I’ll try that one, I also use pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair mask which is very nice too, leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy. 😀

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