How to Make Nose and Chest Congestion Rub


nose and chest congestion rub

Do you still suffering on stuffy nose and chest congestion but tired of using Vicks Vapor Rub due to petroleum jelly that have negative side effects? Why not try to make your own all-natural congestion rub.

NourishingSimplicity has a good congestion rub recipe that might ease your problem. Katie, the author of this blog, reveals that her own formulation of congestion rub work quite well. She uses powerful ingredients that include dried lavender (antiseptic healing, topically healing, pain relieving), dried mullein leaves (breaks up congestion), dried peppermint (cooling, pain relieving), coconut oil, olive oil, and bee’s wax pellets. 

With the unique end product, you can use it to rub on the soles of your feet and put socks to help break up the congestion so you and your family could sleep better. Some also use this to rub directly on the chest and massage it and under the nose.

To find out how to make this nose and chest congestion rub and learn some tips on how to use it for effective results, check the link below.

How to Make Congestion Rub

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  1. Thank you for the lovely chest rub recipe. I’m looking forward to making it soon with thyme added in. Thank you too for sharing something about your life of commitment, caring and simplicity. I found that inspiring.


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