How to Make Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub

Your skin will surely love the Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub. This simple recipe is one of the 126+ bath and body recipes featured in The Handcrafter’s Companion desk reference.


It’s easy to Make Your Own Spa Products if you have a reliable guide like The Handcrafter’s Companion because learning how to combine the basic recipe is showed in detailed instructions.

For this post, I’ve curated the basic recipe of Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub that can guide you in making your own body scrub for you and your family. And if you are creative and enterprising, you can produce more and sell them for profit. Not a bad idea to create a side income while at home.

Here are the ingredients:
• 1 pound of sea salt (fine to medium grain)
• 1 oz. sunflower oil
• 3 oz. jojoba oil
• 2 oz. liquid soap base
• 1/4 teaspoon peppermint essential oil
• 1/3 teaspoon blood orange essential oil
• 2 teaspoons dried raspberry seeds

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and transfer into desired packaging. For “home” use, you can use Tupperware or similar packaging. If you plan to gift or sell the scrub, obviously more elaborate packaging is called for.

To use the scrub, add the desired amount to the palm of your hand or a scrub mitt. Gently rub over skin to exfoliate and invigorate your skin. Rinse well.

For the ingredients in this recipe, you can buy them from health food stores. But if your cannot find some of the ingredients such as essential oils, you can get them through your favorite online stores like Amazon. For example, you can check the peppermint essential oil on this page and blood orange essential oil here.

This invigorating body scrub recipe is just the BASIC recipe. In The Handcrafter’s Companion you will learn the most important concepts when it comes to making your own bath products – and that is creating endless variations on basic recipes. This extraordinary desk reference will really guide you on how to make truly original and more “marketable” spa products at the same time.

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That’s it. To your success with spa products!

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