How to Make Small Batch Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt


How to Make Small Batch Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt

Many chefs prefer sea salt for table use because they have a softer flavor that table salt.

What is sea salt? 

According to Wikipedia, sea salt is produced from the evaporation of sea water. Used in cooking and cosmetics, it is also called bay salt or solar salt. It is more expensive than the more popular refined salt (table salt) and tastes better than salt from mines.

Though, there is little or no health benefits to using sea salt over table salt, you can insure it has by infusing the sea salt with lemon and rosemary herbs. You can use this sea salt infused with lemon and rosemary in your chicken or lamb dishes. Or if you are a vegetarian like Stevie of GardenTherapy, you can use it to spice up a salad or a roasted veggie dish.

To make a small batch rosemary lemon sea salt, you need to prepare ingredients that include coarse sea salt, fresh rosemary plus smaller sprigs and lemon zest.

To find out you how you can easily make this unique sea salt at home, check the link below…

Small Batch Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt

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