How to Make Spring Tonic Honey with Dandelions and Violets


Spring Tonic Honey with Dandelions and Violets

What will you do if you have lots of flowering dandelions and violets? Would you like to make them as basic ingredients for a DIY project? If then, you are making a frugal way to make use of what you have that can greatly contribute to maintain your good health.

Have you tried to consume spring tonic with honey, dandelions and violets for various ailments? If not, you’ve missed a lot of health benefits that this tonic might bring.

I’ve found a simple but great tutorial on making a spring tonic honey recipe from TheNerdyFarmWife blog. This recipe make use powerful ingredients that include the healing food raw honey, the classic liver tonic of fresh dandelion flowers and cooling and healing fresh violet flowers.

You can use the end product of this recipe for seasonal allergies, detoxing (blood cleansing), face wash for acne, sore throat, among many others.

Read the full article of TheNerdyFarmWife to see how to easily make this recipe, learn other great benefits of its ingredients and how to use it for specific ailments to get effective result.

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How to Make Spring Tonic Honey

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