How to Push Through the Midday Slump



Have you ever found getting through the afternoon an uphill struggle? You’re not alone, between 2 and 3, many of us become tired, lethargic and can’t think straight. While this is perfectly normal, you should not put up with it. There are plenty of ways to power through this testing time, without having to resort to coffee and sweets.


This may seem obvious, but many of us do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Our bodies are programmed to work best with two sessions of four hours sleep, one at night and one in the afternoon. If you do not fulfil your 8 hour quota at night, your body will automatically shut down in the afternoon.

Eat Breakfast

Your mother may have told you that this is the most important meal in the day, and she wasn’t wrong. For people trying to lose weight, skipping breakfast is lethal, without the proper fuel to start the day, you are more likely to snack later on. These cravings are due to the body lacking energy.

A healthy breakfast of foods  which slowly release energy throughout the day will help you stay awake, complex carbohydrates such as oats work best.

Avoid Sugar

Quick energy releasing foods like sugar will satisfy any cravings you get. You should however, resist the temptation to indulge in these. Your body will quickly burn through sugar, causing a short term rush before a you crash back down again. Once you start eating properly, these cravings should stop.


A heavy workload means that many of us choose to eat lunch at our desks. While this is convenient, it means we are well embedded in our chairs come 2pm. Exercise helps keep our blood flowing and goes hand in hand with a better metabolism and concentration levels.  Something simple as getting up and having a quick walk around the office every hour could make the difference to your day.

Get More Light

Darkness can trigger your body’s sleep mechanism as well cause depression. Being exposed to more natural light gives you more energy and livens your mood. Position your desk so you can see a window, and take a walk outside at least once per day.

Switching off at 2pm severely reduces our productivity and, once it becomes habit, it can be difficult to break the cycle. By taking a few small steps to stay awake, you will achieve more and help maintain a healthy, positive state of mind.

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