Know Someone Who’s Depressed? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Help Them


tips to help depressionDepression is a serious illness that leads to severe consequences when left untreated. Everyone gets depressed sometimes and that’s completely natural, of course. But clinical depression is a medical condition that’s different from the depression everyone feels when bad things happen or when situations in life are difficult.

Clinical depression causes someone to feel down, even if there’s nothing to really feel down about. It can make people feel physical pane, in addition to the mental struggle they go through. And depression can wax and wane, making people feel like they have no control over their minds.

If you’re depressed or know someone who suffers from depression, there are things you can do to help. You and your loved ones don’t need to live with this condition.

Seek Help From a Professional

Sometimes, all a depressed person needs is someone to talk to. But some people who are depressed bury their feelings, and refuse to open up completely to their loved ones and friends for fear they will burden them with their problems. If you are depressed and you feel this way, or you know someone who is depressed and behaves in this manner, search for a psychotherapist who can help.

A medical professional who works in the field of psychology can be a perfect solution for someone with depression, especially if he or she does not want to talk about it or the related issues with people they know personally. A professional who is objective and nonjudgmental can provide the best level of support for someone suffering from depression, and can give supportive advice to help individuals overcome the feelings they are encountering.

Medications May Be Able to Help

There are many medications on the market that can be prescribed for the effective treatment of clinical depression, especially if the depression is severe in nature. If you or someone you know suffers from a deep level of depression and there seems to be no way out, try a combination of talking about it with a psychotherapist as well as taking some form of medicine that can ease depression’s symptoms, as well as alleviating the physical pain that depression can cause.

Support and Understanding

The more support and understanding you show someone who is depressed, the more likely they’ll be to open up and discuss their problems. Once they do, avoid comparing them with other people or judging them. Instead, listen with an objective ear and point out the good things in that person’s life while offering advice on how they can make things better. Being patient and supportive can make a world of difference if you’re trying to help a depressed person.

About the Author: Jane is a freelance writer who understands that many people suffer from mental illnesses, such as depression. Career opportunities to help these people are vast. Click here for forensic psychology degree resources and consider other degrees in psychology as well.

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