How to Make a Homemade White Tiger Balm


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white tiger balm ointment

Check the image to read more about Tiger Balm – White (Regular Strength) Pain Relieving Ointment

I went straight home coming from the gym feeling sore with muscle pain all over. I opened the medicine cabinet but there are no pain relievers available. So I drove to the nearest drug store and found some. On my way to pay for the meds, I was delayed by the long queue to the counter. When I reached home, I was already stressed out because it took me about an hour to buy these meds. So I took the meds and rested on the couch. While resting on the couch I asked myself. Why do I have to go through all that trouble just to relieve my muscle pain? So I searched the web for an easier solution. And I have found this, a quick way to make a DIY White Tiger Balm. A Tiger Balm is an ointment that relieves muscle pain and kills fatigue.

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With this homemade White Tiger Balm inside my home, I don’t have to go to a drug store to buy pain relievers. I can just grab this and apply it on the painful areas. It’s potent, safe and friendly to the skin. I recommend this to everyone. It’s practical to use this because the ingredients are affordable and the steps are easy. Now I can continue to work out consistently without worrying about the pain after. With this White Tiger Balm there will be no pain, only gain.

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