Medicinal Uses for Blueberries to Digestive Health


Say goodbye to digestive blues with blueberries

medicinal uses for blueberries

Blueberry is not only the one of the few fruits native to North America. It’s also one of the few truly blue foods on earth. Anthocyanin, the compound that gives a blueberry its deep blue color, is also one of its powerful, disease-preventing antioxidants.

Medicinal uses for blueberries

*Blueberries are functional food because they are rich in fiber and phytochemicals, which are the source of its protective and curative powers. So it is a sure-fire remedy for irregularity and constipation.

*Blueberries may also help prevent diarrhea.

*Phytochemicals, which include antioxidants, are blueberries’s powerful disease fighters. They are found to be tops in antioxidants among 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are chock full of potent phytochemicals like these:
· Lutein – reduces the risk of colon cancer
· Resveratrol – acts against linoleic acid, a fatty acid present in high amounts in typical Western diets, which promotes colon cancer.
· Piceatannol – may put the breaks on the growth of colon cancer cells.
· Ellagic acid – a proven anti-cancer chemical that zeroes in on esophageal and colon cancers.

*The blueberry also have phytochemical defenders that include proanthocyanidins (prevent cancer cells from multiplying) and pterostilbene (inhibit cancer growth in the liver) for other digestive organs such as in battling stomach and liver cancers.

Blueberries pack a powerful punch, so find ways to add them to your diet. You can toss some on your cereal, in your morning muffins or pancakes, or on your ice cream or yogurt, and enjoy.

You may enjoy blueberries most n your favorite cobbler or pie. Unfortunately, heat destroys some of the blueberry’s precious nutrients. To enjoy their maximum benefit, eat them uncooked.

Source: The Complete Guide To Digestive Health: Plain Answers About Ibs, Constipation, Diarrhea, Heartburn, Ulcers, and More

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