Miraculous Medical Recoveries to Give Us All Hope


Ever since a man called Lazarus got up and starting living again people have been interested in miracles or apparent miracles in which sick people have fully recovered against the odds.

Of course, modern cases aren’t as extreme as that of Lazarus of Bethany, who was said to have been dead for 4 days before being resurrected. However, there have been enough interesting and unusual cases in recent years to give us all a bit of extra hope in the future.

A Miraculous 4 Year Old

One of the most heart wrenching situations possible is that of a child who is seriously ill. This is exactly what happened to 4 year old Luke Burgie from Colorado. He felt ill but doctors had no idea what causing his stomach pain and severe bouts of diarrhoea. He started losing weight so fast that his life was in danger if no cure was found. The boy’s mother got help from a couple of local nuns, who spent days praying for him. One day he just said that he was fine and it turned out that he was. The doctors never found out what had been wrong with him and the Vatican proclaimed his amazing recovery as a miracle.

The Heart That Fixed Itself

In the case of Michael Crowe, on the other hand, there wasn’t much doubt about what was wrong with him. The 23 year old from Nebraska went to hospital with a severe case of toxic blood poisoning and this led to him suffering from heart failure. His heart just shut down and this caused his other organs to start to fail as well. He was on a heart and lung machine, was getting blood transplants every day and was on the waiting list for a new heart. The medical experts assessing him said that his chances of surviving were no more than 30%. He was even classed as being too sick to receive a donor heart when it was made available. Then, his heart somehow starting improving on its own and he quickly began to improve. Tests have shown that no lasting damage has been caused to the patient.

Walking Again After 8 Years

A fall from a three storey high skylight onto a cement floor is a pretty horrible accident for anyone to suffer and it left Ryan Corbin in a bad way. The 25 year old grandson of veteran entertainer Pat Boone had his skull crushed, while a lung collapsed, his spleen got ruptured and he fell into a coma. He was given 36 pints of blood and doctors feared that if he ever pulled out of the coma he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. However, his family posted a YouTube video of him walking unaided by medical staff. Remarkably, this emotional video was shot after he had spent 8 months in a coma and then 8 years without being able to use his legs.

The Soldier Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Another heart-warming if scarcely believable story of a miraculous recovery comes from the UK. 32 year old David Triplow was a serving soldier when he had his neck broken in a rugby match. He suffered through 9 weeks of being completely paralysed from the waist down and endured a 9 hour operation to pin his shattered spine back together again. He was warned that he might never walk again but said that he woke up one morning and felt his body starting to move like before. He recovered well enough to walk down the aisle with his bride but his success story didn’t end there. He then felt good enough to get into training so that he could take part in a tough half marathon.

The Window Cleaner Who Survived a 500 Feet Fall

The final story of an amazing recovery is from New York. Icides Moreno was washing windows on a high platform alongside his brother Edgar when they were plunged down 500 feet to Earth. Sadly Edgar died in the accident but Icides survived to make it to the hospital. He was given 24 pints of blood and 19 pints of plasma and had his abdomen opened during an operation. He then had 9 different operations on his various injuries, which included 10 fractures on his leg. He spent weeks motionless on a hospital but on Christmas day he reached out to his wife and his miraculous recovery had begun. His doctors are now confident that he will walk again.

Of course, many people suffer accidents and illnesses which are far less serious than the ones mentioned here. Good health insurance cover with the likes of HSAForAmerica.com will help you get past those cases where a miracle isn’t needed.


About the author:

George Torres is a medical researcher who has looked into some of the mysterious cases in which people have survived against all the odds and made a miraculous recovery.

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