Reducing Your Fat [Exclusive Infographic]

reducing your fat with exercises

People want to look agile and healthy. For this they have to reduce excess body fat through exercises.

Some people go to the gymnasium for doing suitably chosen exercises using various equipments.

A number of people go for more interesting outdoor activities, sports and games which are cheaper and can achieve same results. These activities are briefly mentioned below.

Outdoor activities followed for burning calories are:

1. Rock-climbing: This can burn 766 calories in 60 minutes.

2. Kite Surfing: This can burn 640 calories in 60 minutes 3. Abseiling (Climbing down mountains using rope): This can burn 557 calories in 60 minutes. However this is a very dangerous exercise.

Other outdoor activities utilized are Scuba diving, Snorkeling and Paddle boarding which are less common. Other activities used for reducing fat are given below.

Females: Jogging 600 calories in 60 minutes

Tennis: 500 calories in 60 minutes

Golf: 300 calories in 60 minutes Males: Volleyball 600 calories in 60 minutes

Basketball: 600 calories in 60 minutes

Soccer: 550 calories in 60 minutes

Another option available for reduction of body fat is through diet control. People should consume less fatty food and carbohydrates and substitute them with vegetables containing high fiber.


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