Simple But Effective Home Remedies for Congestion


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Simple But Effective Home Remedies for Congestion

The colds and flu season may not yet around in your house but it doesn’t mean that you will not prepare for them in case they will attack you and your family members, in the coming days.

You have more health benefits and a great money saver if you apply defense mechanism to avoid getting sick not only during the colds and flu season but through all the days of the year.

Aside from boosting the immune system, a money saving housewife sees that one of the best defense mechanism or remedy she can apply is using home remedies. If you’ve not found one technique you can apply today, we would like to share this Home Remedies for Congestion which we’ve found at CommonSenseHome.

The post offers a really great list of congestion remedies that include Tomato Tea recipe to ease sinus congestion; Apple Cider Vinegar; Steam With or Without Herbs for inhaling; Herbal or Regular Hot Tea; Homemade Vapor Rub which you can spread on the chest area or dab under the nose; Eating Foods to help fight sinus congestion such as pineapple, omega 3 fatty acids rich foods, garlic, spices and herbs, vitamin C; and limit the intake of dairy products, grains, sugar and potatoes and other starchy root vegetables to reduce mucus.

You can learn simple tips and tutorials to prepares some of these remedies for congestion here  on this page…

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