Simple Hair Loss Treatment for Women at Home


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diy hair loss treatment for women at home

It is normal to lose some hair during combing and washing hair. But excessive hair loss on a daily basis indicates an underlying problem and a reality that you are undergoing temporary hair loss.

Hair loss may occur due to many reasons and it could be a temporary phase or a chronic one depending on the causative agents that cause hair fall. Some of the reasons for hair loss include hereditary, physical agents whether it is caused by nature or self-induced, poor personal hygiene, certain types of medication for depression and cancer, hormonal changes due to pregnancy or the onset of menopause, poor nutrition, stress etc.

Before reaching out for external remedies such as creams and oil for hair and scalp health, you should first think of good nutrition. Research studies reveal that deficiencies of certain nutrients severely impairs hair growth. So it is vital that we consume foods that contain hair growth promoting nutrients for healthy and shiny hair. Consuming protein rich foods that include milk and milk products, egg, and most foods of animal origin helps to nourish the hair follicles and ensure a healthy hair growth cycle. Though, protein intake has to be at optimum level, for excessive protein intake will not cause immediate hair growth.

Hair loss treatment for women vitamins
Healthy hair growth is also dependent on adequate vitamin supply. B vitamin complex, vitamins C, E and A are all required to support the hair follicles and for healthy scalp. So, enrich your vitamin intake.

Hair loss treatment for women natural remedy
Before we end, I’m sharing with you DIY Hair Loss Treatment Tutorial from GlamGirl. Her secret ingredients are 100 g full cream yogurt, juice of 1 lemon, juice of 1 onion, and 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. She is positive that it can cure all kinds of old scalp diseases like fungal infection, prolonged dandruff, hair fall, dryness, rough hair, itching, swelling in scalp etc.

Click the link below to learn the full details of this tutorial on how to make your own hair loss treatment and how to apply it.

DIY Hair Loss Treatment Tutorial from GlamGirl


Overall, the insights you’ve just learned may not be your hair loss cure in 2 years time if you disregard good nutrition.

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