Simple Method to Make Naturally Flavored Water


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make naturally flavored water

Are you tired of drinking soda, juice, bottled water or the naturally flavored water beverage that cost you a lot of money and not fully refreshing as advertise? You can easily make your own naturally flavored water at home. Just try to learn naturally flavored water recipes.

This easy formula needs supplies like fresh fruits, a of fresh herbs, jars or pitchers, muddler or wooden spoon, and water. You can formulate fruit and herb combos for flavoring water like all citrus flavored water, raspberry like flavored water, pineapple mint flavored water, blackberry sage flavored water and watermelon rosemary flavored water. If you want other flavors, you can experiment according to your favorite favorite fruits and herbs and what you have on hand in your fridge.

To learn the simple method to make naturally flavored water, click the link below…

How to Make Naturally Flavored Water

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