Simply Moisturizing DIY Citrus Body Scrub


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Take care of your body because it will take care of you. We need to take care of our body because we only have one. Diseases will come to us unless we keep our body clean. So if you want to be clean, healthy and beautiful, use this citrus body scrub.

Simply Moisturizing DIY Citrus Body Scrub

First you need sea salt. Sea salt is used for deep cleansing of the skin. It detoxifies the skin from the outer to the innermost layer. It also prevents the skin from getting too oily. The next ingredient is olive oil. It provides natural richness to the skin. It smoothens and softens the skin. It also makes the skin tempting to touch. The remaining ingredients are slices of oranges and lemons. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which is gold for the skin. It serves as an anti-oxidant. It also detoxifies the skin and makes it look a decade younger. It also creates a lemony scent to please the senses. Just like lemons, oranges are rich in vitamin C. However, oranges have their own fresh and fruity aroma that’s makes this body scrub so intoxicating.

This body scrub will wipe out several impurities in the skin. It’s natural, affordable and highly effective. If you decided to make one, I recommend using it every day for best results.

If you really want to make your own citrus body scrub at home, please check’s easy tutorial here…

DIY Citrus Body Scrub

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