Super-Easy Homemade, Natural Eye Makeup Remover Recipe


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Eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara are two beauty products that have always been a part of beauty regimen for most women today. And many of them are now comfortable of using the best quality natural makeup products and some have already tried making their own.

Super-Easy Homemade, Natural Eye Make-Up Remover Recipe

But after using eye makeup, you also have to remove it for good without hurting your skin and health. Though there are eye makeup remover sold commercially, many of them are not cheap and packed with nasty chemicals that include parabens, sulfates, surfactants, dyes and genetically modified ingredients, to name a few.

For a cost-effective and non-toxic and natural eye makeup remover, why not try to make your own. Here’s a great recipe from GirlMeetsNourishment that is absolutely luscious and uses natural ingredients. And this works better than any of the magical elixirs you can buy at any offline or online stores.

Find out how to make this quick and inexpensive alternative to petroleum-based eye makeup remover by checking out here…

Easy Eye Make-Up Remover

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