Taste of Herbs Cookbook: Unlock the Secrets of Herbalism in 6 Amazing Recipes


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Unlock the Secrets of Herbalism in 6 Amazing Recipes Taste of Herbs Cookbook

Do you like to try some amazing cooking recipes with the best of powerful herbs for your greater health? HerbMentor shared a great cookbook for you.

This Taste of Herbs Cookbook: Unlock the Secrets of Herbalism in 6 Amazing Recipes is a free giveaway for now from John Gallagher and Rosalee de la Forêt.

In the cookbook, you’ll learn how to prepare…

  • Cranberry and rose hip compote
  • elderberry oxymel (great for cold and flu season)
  • REAL marshmallows
  • sea zest seasoning
  • tom kha soup
  • chocolate cake (seriously)

Learning these recipes will also help you become a confident and effective herbalist.

Just go ahead and it download it. Get the Taste of Herbs Cookbook here… http://www.tasteofherbs.com/fe/57549-taste-of-herbs-cookbook

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