Ten Makeup Tips to Show off Your Eyes

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Ten Make Up tips to show your beautiful eyes

Eyes are the most appealing organ that the human species has been gifted with by Mother Nature. Eyes – while considering as a sense organ – enables us to differentiate between the light and darkness. Without them, the whole universe would have been a realm of darkness, perhaps. It is because of these sense organs that we – as humble and mortal humans – get to enjoy the colors of the rainbow, the beauty of butterflies, all the good movies and many such things. Eyes are the outlets of our minds. As such, there is an old belief that says if one wants to judge a person, look into the eyes. The eyes reveal the unadulterated truth, sometimes in its crudest form, right from the bed bottom.

As such, myriads of poets from, literally, every language – that has existed since the onset of this civilization – under the sun, have written about the human eyes and the intrinsic beauty associated with them. Whether it is about communicating or reciprocating with people, the eyes act as the most helpful tool. These are the best things that humans possess to reveal that charming appeal. Given the context above, it is obvious that the aspect of eye makeup holds ample significance in the society.

In fact, many people wear glasses prescribed by ophthalmologists. Effective eye makeup tips can really turn these people – especially the divas – into more gorgeous souls that time has ever witnessed. Here are a set of 10 tips that can turn the divas into perfect demigoddesses.

  • Apply eyeliners with caution. Before applying any makeup, wipe out oily components from the eyelids using an alcohol-free makeup remover. Then apply a thin layer of foundation and finally dust off with translucent powder over the lid. This procedure, unfailingly, sets the color in place throughout the day.
  • Liquid eyeliners are often found to be messy. These, when applied, make people look much older. More than often these facilitate a kind of strange harsh look as well. Therefore, in order to make the eyes look gorgeous than ever, just dump eyeliners in liquid form. Powder or gel eyeliners do not popup this problem. Even fine, specialized pencils can bring the best effect in this context.
  • Excellent eye makeup ideas involve a pinch of imagination, along with conventional makeup procedures. Refrain from pulling the eyelids while applying liner. Rather, use a piece of Scotch tape across the half-closed eyelid and then fill in the area below it.
  • Apply eyeliners starting from the outer edges and gradually moving inward.
  • A pair of beautiful eyes actually speaks a lot more than what words can convey. Apply eyeliner thrice on the upper lid, if it is to be applied once on the lower one. In fact, applying waterproof gel liners on the lower lash lines is more perfect way to enhance the beauty of the eyes.
  • At least 80% of eye makeup should be done while looking straight into the mirror
  • As such makeup tips for the eyes can be infinite. While relining the eye makeup, try doing it while facing the mirror with eyes as much open as possible.
  • Apply eye shadow base on the eyelids using the fingers.
  • Shadow base for the brow bone, eyelids, etc. should all be identical. Otherwise, chances are high that the impact will be too dramatic.
  • Lastly, people who wear thick glasses should try to engage their eyes as much as possible, while making conversations.

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