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natural first aid kit contents

If you are into gardening and growing your own herbs and vegetables, there’s always a possibility for blisters, sunburns, or bumps and scrapes. So, it’s very important that you have a natural gardener’s first aid kit ready. Though, this doesn’t mean that you should always rely on your natural first aid kit list. If a wound is serious or lasts more than a week without signs of healing, you need to consult a medical professional.

Today, I love to share this Gardener’s Natural First-Aid Kit posted at MotherEarthLiving.  It shares:

*First Aid for Blisters
*First Aid for Splinters
*First Aid for Minor Cuts and Scrapes
*First Aid for Stings and Bug Bites
*First Aid for Bruises
*First Aid for Poison Ivy and Other Rashes
*First Aid for Sunburns


First-Aid Kit Contents/Supplies

*Adhesive bandages in various sizes
* Almond oil
* Aloe vera gel
* Arnica cream
* Bentonite clay
* Boswellia capsules
* Citronella oil
* Cotton swabs
* Echinacea tincture
* Grindelia tincture
* Lavender essential oil
* Oatmeal
* Powdered goldenseal
* Rubbing alcohol
* St. John’s wort
* Sterile gauze pads
* Tea tree oil
* Tweezers
* Unprocessed honey
* Vitamin C capsules
* Witch hazel


To find out how to apply first aid on specific condition, please check the link below…

The Gardener’s Natural First-Aid Kit

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