The Fast and Effective Mosquito Bite Remedy


banana remedy for mosquito bites

Do you have a problem with mosquito bites? And you want a remedy without using antibiotics?

Here’s a great remedy I found today from Sarah of TheHealthyHomeEconomist. Sarah shares her friends’s family experience of using banana peel. Her friend followed the old Chinese remedy for mosquito bites, and overcame itchiness and redness on the affected skin within 10 minutes.

Most people think that banana peels are no longer useful but a waste that need to be dumped in the garbage container. But these garbage has a lot of uses. We have covered this before in the 21 Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels. You can check it out here.

Read Sarah’s complete post as she reveals her friends family’s experience of treating mosquito bites and learn how you can apply it when needed.

To get to the full article, check the link below…

The Fast and Effective Mosquito Bite Remedy

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