Tips on How to Control Sweat at the Gym


Simple Tips on How to Control Sweat at the Gym 

Sweat is an inevitable part of your workout routine. During exercise the internal heat in your body increases which causes your system to overheat. This internal heat triggers sweating and serves to cool you down, while seeking to bring your body back to its normal temperature. If you’re extremely self conscious about being drenched in sweat during your workout at the gym, the following tips will help you control the sweat factor.

Consume lots of water. This helps in regulating the body’s temperature. Hydration decreases the internal heat buildup in your body. Therefore, you’ll sweat less. Your ideal water consumption should be a minimum of eight glasses.

Perform deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing calms you down, regulates your body temperature, and decreases your sweat production. You must be seated in a chair with your arms at your sides. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Remain like this for three or four seconds. Exhale slowly through your mouth as if you are whistling. Perform these breathing exercises ten times.

Towel off during and after your workout. Wipe off the sweat from your face and other areas of your body. Whenever you feel like the sweat is overbearing, stop your workout for a few minutes and dry up the desired areas. Before working out, it is highly recommended that you remove makeup from your face, since this can clog your pores and trigger breakouts. Instead of using a towel to dry your face, you can use face wipes. The moisture from the face wipes can help in cooling you down.

Take small breaks. Instead of doing a full workout for an hour or more, perform shorter routines with a five-minute break in between each. This will help your body to regulate its temperature and reduce the amount of sweat you secrete during your entire workout.

Change your dietary lifestyle. Apart from genetics, hormone levels, and medications, the food you eat also plays a significant role in your sweat production. Consuming foods with salt, fat, and complex carbohydrates all contribute to increased levels of sweat production. Decrease the amount of processed foods you eat, since such foods are high in sodium and trigger increased sweat production. Some people have noticed that they sweat less when they increase their calcium intake.

Wear the right gear. Clothing produced with moisture-wicking and lightweight materials are great for drawing sweat away from the body. Natural fabrics such as merino wool and bamboo can help in that respect. Having mesh panels in your clothing can also help in regulating your body’s temperature. Your shoes should be sweat-free. Wear a pair of shoes that will allow your feet to breathe.

Now that you’re aware of how you can control your sweat at the gym, there’s no reason to skip your next workout session. Consuming a minimum of eight glasses of water on a daily basis, performing deep breathing exercises, carrying a towel to dry off, taking small breaks, following a rigid dietary plan, and wearing the right gear can set you on the path of sweating less during your next workout session.

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