Tips on How To Make Your Own Sunscreen Lotion With SPF 30


Do you like walking or lying on the beach under the heat of sun but would like to shun away from using commercial sunscreen lotion? Here’s a good tip for you.

How To Make Your Own Sunscreen Lotion With SPF 30

You don’t need to buy $15 or more a bottle of sunscreen lotion packed with toxic chemicals. You can try to make your own sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 which is all natural, non-toxic, highly protective sunscreen lotion.

This simple recipe make use of simple ingredients that include beeswax granules/pastilles, shea butter, coconut oil and zinc oxide powder.

If you don’t know, nourishing oils like coconut and shea butter just like jojoba and almond and potentially other ingredients like green tea extract or other antioxidants help protect the skin. And the minerals like zinc oxide provide the actual barrier between the sun and your skin.

Learn the full details of this recipe here…

How To Make Your Own Sunscreen Lotion

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