Top 15 Things You Should Not Refrigerate


Top 15 Things You Should Not Refrigerate

You may not realized that some things you taught need to be stored in your refrigerator to enhance self life will not work. It only make them spoil easily and become less valuable.

Though spoiled foods are no longer an excellent food to eat, don’t just throw it away. You can make them as basic or added ingredients on all natural homemade recipes or you can make them as compost-fertilizer for your garden plants.

I’ve found an excellent tips from MyThirstySpot sharing the 15+ things you should not refrigerate. Erin Kennedy reveals that hot sauce, potatoes, bread, onions, tomatoes, avocados, coffee, garlic, honey, winter squashes, melons, oils and fruits should not be in your refrigerator.

To find out why these things should not be stored in your refrigerator, check the link below…

15+ Things You Should Not Refrigerate


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