Top 7 Super Foods You Should Be Eating to Silence Pain


7 superfoods you should be eating

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, much like a fever. When experiencing pain because of inflammation, you need to confront it immediately. You don’t need to follow most people who simple mask the pain instead of dealing the underlying cause of the problem.

If you’re looking cures for inflammation that will eventually silence pain, don’t go far away. You can find them in your pantry, if you’ve stocked any one of the top 7 superfoods you should be eating to silence pain.

Jesse Cannone reveals in the article published in the that eating any of these super foods will not only make you enjoy your meal or snack but also fight the inflammation that’s keeping you in pain.

Jesse’s favorite super foods that fight inflammation are Jalapeno peppers, dry roasted almonds, carrots, broccoli, olive oil, raw spinach and Wild Alaskan salmon.

Read Jesse’s full article to learn how to use these super foods to ease inflammation and silence the pain.

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7 Super Foods That Silence Pain

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