Ultimate How to Make Facial and Body Products Recipes


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body products recipes

Cosmetics and beauty products can be found in almost everyone’s medicine cabinet, but have you ever looked at the label? Many are made of toxic chemicals that few of us can even pronounce! Furthermore, many cost an arm and a leg and often produce questionable results. Just as with food, everything that goes on your body impacts your health and wellness.

Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy ways you can make your own beauty products from home, and they work great too! This handbook gives plenty of easy recipes for:

Face products
· Simple Oil Cleanse
· Eye Makeup Remover
· Face Treatment for Oily Skin
· Face Treatment For Problem Skin
· Replenishing Oil Treatment for Aging Skin Around the Neck and Eye
· Calendula Balm for Sensitive Skin
· Toner
· Simple Sugar Scrub
· Brown Sugar Scrub
· Milk & Honey Scrub
· Facial Mask
· Banana Yogurt Mask
· Avocado Mask
· Peach Mask

Makeup products
· Foundation
· Blush
· Eye Liner
· Mascara
· Lip Balm
· Lipstick

And body products
· Easiest All-Natural Moisturizer
· Homemade Lotion
· Lotion Bars
· Dry Skin Mask
· Body Oil
· Sugar Scrub For Body
· Shaving Soap
· Foaming Shaving Soap
· Shaving Cream Recipe
· Deodorant Recipe #1
· Deodorant Recipe #2
· Deodorant Recipe #3

All of these recipes will leave you with healthy, beautiful skin and money in your pocket!

To learn on how you can make facial products for oily skin or body products for glowing skin, click the link below.

The Herbal Beauty Handbook: Volume One – Face, Makeup & Body

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