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Did you know that 30 million Americans — and 200 million people worldwide — have a thyroid disorder?

Unfortunately, only half have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving proper treatment.

Despite showing up to the doctor’s office with obvious symptoms of thyroiddysfunction —- weight gain, fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair loss, brain fog, depression, constipation, and more — millions of people are being sent away with “normal” thyroid lab scores and with no real answers.

Once again, Western medicine has fallen behind the latest research. And patients are paying the price in unnecessary suffering and medical bills.

This has to stop.

And that’s why our friend Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness interviewed 24 of the world’s leading experts on thyroid health — to get the bottom of this ignored epidemic and find out what you can do to feel like yourself again. The FREE online event called The Thyroid Sessions started May 4 but you can still catch it up until May 17. Click here register to join the sessions.

Sean’s all-star lineup is loaded with big names like:

*Kim Schuette – reveals the link between thyroid health, cholesterol, progesterone, and fertility. Plus, how a mother’s iodine levels can impact the IQ of her child. Be sure to stick around to the end, as GAPS Practitioner Toni Fairman steps in to discuss the importance of emotional healing.

*Bridgit Danner – shares how low thyroid can be the “first domino” to fall with reproductive problems. You’ll also learn 15 foods that support your thyroid, liver, and gut (and a few foods to avoid).

*Katie the Wellness Mama – tells her own personal story that led to her Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Find out the exact nutritional and supplemental protocol she is using to heal herthyroid. Plus, how she keeps her husband and kids on board with her program.

*Jen Wittman – reveals her best tips for Managing Hypothyroidism and Motherhood. Learn how to deal with the fatigue, brain fog, and endless juggling act of motherhood. She also discusses the 5 things hypothyroid moms wish their friends and family understood.

*Dr. Daniel Kalish – shows you a simple, inexpensive thyroid test that anyone can do at home. All you’ll need is a thermometer (and an armpit). You’ll also learn the link between stress, adrenal health, and thyroid function!

*Dr. Alan Christianson – addresses several little-known causes of hypothyroidism, how to shrink nodules naturally, and what your “parathyroid” has to do with it.

*Wendy Myers – reveals how toxic overload can be at the root of thyroid problems and how to “ditch the hormones” and detox your way to thyroid recovery using diet, supplementation, and hair mineral analysis.

And a lot more…

But if you missed the past sessions and want to be updated with the latest sessions, or want to watch the Thyroid Sessions whenever, wherever you are, here’s good news.

Sean has compiled all 24 of his “Thyroid Sessions” into a user-friendly digital collection of thyroid-healing information that will put YOU in charge of your health.

You’ll get LIFETIME streaming and downloadable access to:

* 11 super high quality, HD on-camera video sessions (These look amazing!)
* 11 Google Hangout expert interview sessions
* 2 HD cooking videos with Recipe Guide
* easy-to-download mp3 audio files for each interview session
* 600-plus pages of transcripts
* 10 incredible bonus items

Click here to learn more about the Thyroid Sessions Digital Access Pass!

It’s time for you to prove the skeptics wrong and get the answers on thyroid issues you’ve been looking for, so you can move on with your life once and for all.

Click Here to Learn More. 

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