Part 3 – What Are The Best Treatment Options For Arthritis?

This is Part 3 and the last part of the Arthritis Series. Hereunder, you will find a great source of information about treatment options, what foods to avoid when suffering from arthritis as well as nutrients that can help with arthritis.

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10 Best Natural Arthritis Treatment

Physical therapy

Studies consistently support the fact that appropriate exercise and physical activity can reduce the pain and improve joint function. Regular workouts in combination with physical therapy can increase the range of motion as well as make the muscles surrounding the joints stronger. Physical therapists can also offer devices that make daily tasks easier.

Aerobics and water-based exercises

A well-rounded aerobic exercise program can not only promote muscle strength, but also increase mobility, improve range of motion and ease pain. In case you are overweight, water based exercises can help you lose weight, which ultimately reduces the pressure on weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees.

Walking aids

Canes and crutches have been proven to substantially reduce the pain involved in cases of Osteoarthritis Arthritis, especially when the hip and knee are impacted. Wheeled walkers may be used if both hips and/or knees are affected.

Footwear and insoles

There are special footwear and insoles available on the market for those that have their knees impacted due to arthritis. Insoles can help reduce the pain and make walking easier.

Knee braces

In cases of knee instability brought on by the arthritis, a knee brace can improve stability and reduce the pain.

Heat and cold

Many patients have found relief in the heat of a hot water bath, paraffin bath or heat pack. Others find relief in cold packs, while there are few who prefer to alternate the two.


This is a form of traditional Chinese medicine where thin, sharp needles are inserted at specific points on the body. Although acupuncture is not a “cure-all” treatment, it can be efficient in treating chronic pain involved in diseases like arthritis. During the acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will sanitize the area with alcohol prior to inserting a hair-thin metal needle into the site. These needles are inserted in carefully determined points. They remain in place for a few minutes to an hour. Throughout this time, the needles are twirled, warmed or energized electrically.


Aromatherapy is the restorative use of essential oils. You can inhale the oils, use them in the bath or massage them into your skin. When used in massage, these oils are diluted in a carrier oil.

There are several different oils available in the market that you can bring into use. An aromatherapist might choose lavender or marjoram to alleviate muscle spasm, or ginger if you have a circulatory problem. The oils are highly concentrated and you should never apply them to your skin undiluted.


Homeopathy is based upon the concept of treating like with like. Homeopathy, which is practiced by expert and qualified homeopaths, is known to offer substantial relief in conditions like arthritis. Homeopathy is also one of the most popular non-invasive treatments available for arthritis.


Osteopathy, which is also known as osteopathic medicine, is a holistic way to treat the problems of musculoskeletal system. The objective of treatment is to support the body’s self-healing ability. An osteopath will focus on your body as a whole, consisting of the soft tissues (such as ligaments, tendons and muscles), the spine and the nerves. He might use a range of different hands-on methods. Because of the non invasive approach followed in osteopathy, it can be appropriate for people from all age groups, as well as for those with complex medical issues.

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What Are The Foods To Avoid For Best Possible Relief In Arthritis?

Fried and Processed Foods

It is a proven fact that cutting back on fried and processed foods can minimize swelling and help restore the body’s natural defenses. Consume less fried and processed foods and include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Keep your Sugars and Refined Carbs Low

High quantities of sugar in the diet can result in swelling. Cut back on sweets, sodas, processed foods and white flour baked items to reduce arthritis.

Dairy Products

For some individuals, protein present in the dairy might irritate the tissue around the joints. Get protein from sources like vegetables such as quinoa, lentils, beans, tofu, nut butters and spinach.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol use can influence your joints. Cut down on drinking alcohol and ramp up healthy eating practices, regular workout, and good quality sleep.

Salt and Preservatives

Many foods have high amounts of salts in them. In addition, several preservatives are added to promote longer shelf lives. Excess use of salt might lead to inflammation of the joints.

Avoid ready meals

The majority of microwavable meals are high in salt.

Corn Oil

Corn oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which may cause swelling. Instead of foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids, use healthy, anti-inflammatory omega-3 options such as pumpkin seeds, olive oil, flax seeds and nuts.

Nutrients that can help with arthritis

Folic acid

Folic acid is responsible for the growth of red blood cells in the body. Folic acid may also help you to avoid some of the side effects of the popular drugs.

Calcium and vitamin D

Vitamin D and bone-boosting calcium are essential for your body, especially if your are suffering from conditions like arthritis. Your doctor will be the best person to tell you how much calcium and vitamin you need for your body in order to counter diseases like arthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce inflammation. Fish oil supplements are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Boswellia serrata (Indian frankincense)

Boswellia serrata is a gum resin of the boswellia tree. It has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can stop the cartilage loss in your body and inhibit the autoimmune process.


What type of arthritis do you have? Try the natural remedies prior to going the prescribed medicine route. Keep in mind that all of the prescription medications for arthritis have several negative effects.

A naturopath can examine your existing treatment and recommend a natural and more effective alternative treatment that would not interact with the medications you are taking for your preexisting diseases. The sooner you act, the faster you can expect relief from the signs and symptoms of arthritis.

Thank you and best of luck!

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