Why Silk Sheets Are Salvation From Menopause

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There you go again! Another hot flash that strikes unannounced. But you do not have to make expensive trips to your OB/GYN or get a prescription either. There are less expensive ways of keeping hot flashes at bay. If not, they minimize their intensity and frequency. So the next time you are revisited by this heat demon, you might just want to consider some of these options.

Over the last few years, scientists have consistently studied the symptoms of menopause. The results have showed that most women complained about hot flashes than any other symptoms of menopause. And since women are not ready to face potential side effects associated with hormonal replacement drug therapy, or may be they do not have time, or money to seek treatment, they choose to do nothing about it. Because of the lack of information, they wait hoping for the best to happen.

WebMD Colette Bouchez says hot flashes occur as a result of biochemical events that take place when temperature controlling mechanisms go wrong. The response is; your body will think you’re overheated when you’re not.

So, how does it feel like?

We would compare it to entering a hot sauna fully clothed, and being required to sit there for 5 minutes or more. Now a quick change in temperature sets you to freezing mode, forcing you to look for something to cover yourself up.

For hot flashes that occur at night, also known as night sweats, there is something women can do without necessarily going to the doctor or spending money on expensive therapies.

The cure

Many people have wanted to know why silk sheets are salvation from menopause. Well, since hot flashes occur at night when you’re sleeping, wouldn’t it be best if you found a remedy right in your bed in the form of silk sheets?

The reason why silk materials combat bothersome night sweats is the fact that they do not conduct heat or static electricity. That means the material will always adjust according to season, that’s to say it will keep you warm during winter days and cool during summer.

Night sweats can worsen when the temperature is hot, especially during summer. You need to cover yourself with silk sheets that control your body temperature and maintain it to keep symptoms of menopause at bay.

These sheets contain natural protein fibers which are air permeable. That means when you sweat, the material absorbs moisture away from your body to give you a comfy night like no other. That means you’ll always stay dry all through the night.

You do not have to suffer under the symptoms of menopause again, especially night sweats. It takes time and effort to wake up in the middle of the night and change to dry clothes. If you mind about how you look and smell, it takes effort to bath and apply some make-up retouch. And finally, the price of buying boxes of tissues all the time to soak away the perspiration at night is not something to take lightly.

Though silk bedding has been associated with the wealthy, it’s a one time investment you can make to start enjoying wonderful nights despite living in menopause. You don’t have to bow down to night sweats anymore.

Here’s a summary of some characteristics that make silk sheets a real salvation from menopause:

-The material is porous, pure and made of natural fiber. Any bedding with such characteristics will respond well to temperature fluctuations. Apparently, silk sheets are the only bedding materials known to possess such characteristics.

-Silk sheets are also well-ventilated. They absorb moisture keeping you cool all night long.

If you are suffering from night sweats due to menopause, it’s best that you use material that is breathable while adjusting to the temperature fluctuations, at the same time eradicating away moisture.

As you can see, the reasoning behind silk and how it minimizes the symptoms of night sweats is very credible and scientifically backed up. It’s not sales gimmick or anything else. The price for getting silk sheets may be higher than that of your normal bedding, but the result is far adorable.

There are literally dozens of sites and forums that have been designed to help women cope with symptoms of menopause, especially night sweat or hot flashes. They all suggest that the silk is the best remedy for dealing with this problem. So give it a try.

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